Thursday, 27 December 2018

A Pulp Fiction synonymphony.

Hebrew prophet, 1/4:sweet seventeen.

The pavement of the morally correct male homosapien is beleaguered on both the left and right of the hemisphere by the prejudice of the inward looking, and the totalitarianism of malevolent male homosapiens.

Made holy; is said homosapien (female or male in this day and age thank you very much), who in the identification of non-profit organisations and helpful cooperation, ushers the masculinity challenged via the ravine of murkiness, for he is candidly his/her siblings' chaperone, and the discoverer of disorientated adolescents.

And one might wallop said persons bearing gargantuan retribution and incandescent rage, those who endeavour to intoxinate and obliterate my fellow male siblings. And you, the reader, will inevitably assimilate that my denomination is the seigneur, when I deposit my retributive justice atop thee.

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