Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Riches to rags....for 24 hours.

As I sit here watching the pointless riches to rags leap back in time that is BBC's "24 Hours In The Past", what's becoming blatantly obvious, is that the only way to make this interesting was to choose pampered celebrities to take part. If they'd chosen a bunch of 21st century minimum wage earners - modern day peasants - there wouldn't have been a narrative at all.

When I went to a recent City Council "question and answer session" regarding the organisation's recent wage restructuring, they seemed rather pleased with themselves that they'd been able to offer their workers "the living wage". The living wage in Wales is currently £7-85 an hour, the minimum wage is £7 for the same amount of painstaking working minutes. That's a government funded institution, in one of the world's richest countries, lauding up the fact that their workers can basically work only to pay their bills.

Apparently, back in Victorian times, your average "enslaved" worker would only just be able afford to live, eat and if they were lucky, keep warm. Well the real tragedy is that there are people in this country, quite a lot of them too......who live by these means today. It would have made a more interesting programme if they'd made it "24 Hours In The Current", might have been even more of a mind fuck for those poor emotional celebs, one of whom - Tiger Drew-Honey - got choked up reading a story from a victorian who'd left a rather convenient diary detailing the sufferings of the exact job he'd been replicating for a few hours. "You'd have loved it in the 21st century mate", sad old Tiger sighed, as he used all his acting prowess to squeeze out as much melancholy poignance as his modern day acting classes allowed him to spew out at once.

Well mate, not everyone would agree that the 21st century is as much of an oasis of riches and happiness as you'd think. I'm not blaming the celebrities for their narrow mindedness, it was kind of forced upon them. Why are the BBC so hell-bent on falsely reminding everyone about how much better off we are these days? You'd think an election was coming.

Minimum wage workers regularly work long shifts whilst being sneered at by the wealthy, some of them probably go home and cry too. Okay, they might not have to wash their clothes in a bucket or pee in a vase by the bed, but owning a Hotpoint washer-dryer and a flushable slab of ceramic hardly makes for lofty pie-eyed mid-air ankle-clapping giddyness. I'm thinking we could have come a little bit further in 200-odd years.

If anything, the whole exercise looked like a bit of a laugh, people would probably pay for the experience, they might even wish they could stay in 1837. I've often wished for a wooden bed, it's good for your back isn't it? Oh and that kitchen, how provincial eh? Colin Jackson seemed to be enjoying himself a little too much, if a gay man had admitted to being "cock handed" back in the 19th century, he'd have been led straight to the gallows for such an outlandish homoerotic boast, hardly realistic was it.

All in all, given that halfway through this horse-muck smeared wankery I realised I'd missed the football on ITV, it's topped off a pretty wasteful evening. Thank goodness I can rest safe in the knowledge that in TD-H's wondrous 21st century, I get to help my landlord pay off his mortgage(s) by handing him almost half of my monthly living-wage whilst spending the rest on eating and keeping myself warm, if I'm lucky of course.
Fear not peasants, come Friday morning, it's Miliband to the rescue......you can start crying now.

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