Sunday, 15 February 2015

The Importance of Being Original.

I chose my blog title, Another Original Blog, because it was semi-ironic. When I say "semi", I mean that somewhere, in the deep, predominantly empty recesses of my brain, I still carry some hope that occasionally, I have thoughts that are original. As a kid, I'd often think a thought, as you do, and wonder if anyone had ever thought the exact same thing.....or if someone on the planet was thinking it at the exact same time? This doesn't mean I was particularly deep as a child.....but I definitely think too much. I still think (see, thinking again) that it's better to think too much than to think too little....isn't it? Or am I overthinking it?

Is it better to be like Joey Essex and essentially live in a childlike bubble for your entire life, relatively stress free, or have the tormented mind of a Stephen Fry, going through great bouts of depression? I like to think I'm middle ground territory between those two. I like reading up on politics and philosophy from time to time, but still suffer ridiculously pathetic mind blocks, like the ability to add 7 onto 6 and come up with the answer as easily as adding 7 onto answer comes as naturally as knowing my left from right (which my ex can't do, less said about that the better, she's a teacher aswell.....broken Britain, right there *wink emoticon*) and the other answer requires a bit of thought. Stupid brain.

So, I was walking home from work (yes, it's still novel to say that one works) and I was giving the subject another know, being original.....a maverick, a true individual. Is there any such thing? Does it even matter? I think there might have been far more individuals before social networking kicked off, or at least they hadn't been found out as complete fraudulent plagiarisers until now. Within music, architecture, literature, art, etc......everyone who is "great" has been inspired by somebody to become that great. Anyone who is anyone has borrowed something from a hero or role model of theirs. I've always admired mavericks.....they're a dying breed in the world of non-fiction. The footballing world used to be awash with these characters. Best, Maradona, Gascoigne, Worthington.....if they were around now, they'd have all their natural insticts coached out of them by the age of 18.

The silver screens greatest mavericks are undoubtedly Han Solo, Captain Kirk and 'Maverick' himself. All of them were womanisers too, which gives credence to why my life has ended up in such a mess. There should be a disclaimer on any movies which expose you to the loveable actions of a rogue maverick. Trying to follow in their footsteps is far more damaging to witnessing bad language, sexual or violent acts.....Star Wars should have been rated 35. If I'd watched Star Wars for the first time at my age, I'd have known the Han Solo was going to end up in a one-bedroom flat having broken up with Princess Leia and become bitter over the Rebellions use of state-benefits that tend to favour single princesses rather than singleton scoundrels. It's an outrage......although it wouldn't have made the sequel any better. Confused? Me too.

It's very rare you come across anyone who hasn't been diluted by the trials and tribulations of life. The more you go through the ringer i.e. Do your 9-5 ritual, listen to the news, listen to the mindless bollocks everyone else talks about that you're not interested in, teach your kids "all the right" lessons in how to survive their existence (which, by the way, involves a hell of a lot of hypocrisy!), watch TV's incessant nonsense and in doing so, forget the person you actually were, thought you were, wanted to be......once all that's out the way, your personality is invariably as dead as a dodo.

If we could unlock the 90% part of the brain that we don't use, then maybe things will improve. On that subject, firstly, is there any actual research going into trying to make that possible? Secondly, WHY? Why is that the case? It's like the earliest example of the memory scandal.....I thought it was bad enough that when you buy any kind of device that has memory, a certain percentage of the advertised memory was already taken up. That all pales into insignificance that each and every one of us (aside from John Travolta in Phenomenon, a word that I'd be able to spell if I could access my 'idiocy-attention-deficit-free drive') has 90% brain power we can't use. It's all relative though, I suppose, the good that would come of accessing it would no doubt be outweighed by the evil douche-baggery that goes on with just using the 10%.....we'd just be on the road to eliminating our existence, 90% quicker. Does that make sense? Good. Now

Moving on.....I decided to write a blog, expressing myself using only one letter. This may have been done before, I don't know. I'm scared to research that fact because it's literally my last shot at being completely original, if someone's done it already, then that's me completely out of the originality picture. My blog title will be 100% ironic.....not 90, 100 percent! So, I've got a few things I need to do. I need to create a method of expressing all my emotions, not words....with a single letter. I also need to do it in a way I can remember how I did it, to suppress all the doubters. It's going to work. I haven't chosen which letter it's going to be yet as I don't wish to give the game away. Anyone could steal this idea, well, anyone who reads this far.....which, if you have, I don't know whether to salute you or feel your aching agony.

So there we go, coming soon, to a blog, near....erm, a soporific screen of your choosing, the life and times of me, in a letter. Stay tuned.

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