Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Dapper's not laughing anymore....

I must be getting soft in my old age, I feel a bit sorry for Daniel O'Reilly, AKA Dappers Laughs. He's clearly gotten a bit carried away with the attention he was receiving, wouldn't we all? I would like to point out that despite the meteoric rise of 'Another Original Blog', I've managed to keep my feet on the ground and stay true, real. Just saying everything that came to mind would alienate my hardcore fanbase and could ruin the morals that the blog is built upon. I think I've shown how it should be done, I know, I'm a role model of gargantuan proportions.

So anyway.............pushing the boundaries is nothing new in comedy, it's been this way for decades. Bernard Manning, Jim Davidson, Roy 'Chubby' Brown were doing this type of thing a long time ago. Racist, sexist humour and taking the piss out of the disabled was their forte. The problem with this type of shock tactic comedy (and I use the term "comedy", loosely, on a profound scale), is that is doesn't go down very well when it goes mainstream. Ali G cornered the market for a while and was labelled as racist by an uneducated, naive minority. He was clearly performing the opposite of that, not mocking black people, but people that wanted to be black. Sacha Baron Cohen was just very clever, Dapper (RIP) was not quite so subtle in his approach. 

I was surprised when I saw the advertisement for his show, mainly because it was on ITV. The perfect platform for him might have been Live TV, unfortunately that channel was decommissioned years ago. If the show had been sandwiched between Anne-Marie Foss forecasting weather in a bikini, and Topless Darts, there probably wouldn't have been all this fuss. I mean, the people tuning in to that sort of thing probably wouldn't have felt the need to start a petition. They'd have been too busy reading the Daily Star or queueing up for a Gregs.

As an avid Live TV fan (I only watched it because I liked the idea of the news being read to me by someone dressed as a bunny rabbit, took the edge off), I miss having a channel dedicated to programmes of a certain nature. BBC was always clean and wholesome, ITV was good for Sport and Channel 4 was always edgy. Now, with Dapper being signed up for ITV and BBC allowing the word "cunt" make an appearance on 'The Detectorists' this month, it feels like there isn't an official home, a safe haven even, for good old offensive filth.

Keith Lemon has been on ITV for years now (christ knows how) and is getting away with it, but then stopping short of rape "jokes" has kept him in work. There's always someone who takes it too far, in this case O'Reilly has been the victim of too much too soon. If you're pushing the envelope to that extent then you're clearly quite limited in terms of actual talent. Billy Connolly was able to curse and talk about controversial subjects but he got away with it by a) knowing not to take it too far b) knowing his audience and c) punctuating it all with actual comedy.

Overall, regardless of the rape comment, it's a good thing the show was binned. There has to be a line drawn, mainly because people are so easily led by what they see on television, it becomes's a dangerous precedent. I'm not just jumping on the hate bandwagon either, I genuinely think he should keep on making his short vines video's on YouTube, they were amusing. But to give someone with such limited experience their own show was naive by ITV, I'd like to see ITV representatives on Newsnight instead of O'Reilly, who looked genuinely upset (with proper moist cheeks and everything), explaining why they thought it would be a good idea. In fact, as much as I disliked Bernard Manning, I'd have loved him making an appearance on Newsnight, I doubt he would have been so remorseful somehow. 

I wonder how much of all this is down to "any publicity being good publicity" for ITV? I seem to remember Jim Davidson being put into Hells Kitchen alongside the ever-so-"camp", Brian Dowling. What could possibly go wrong?! Yep, they all have a drink, Brian get's called a "shirtlifter" and ends up in tears. Jim Davidson is then branded a disgrace, despite the fact that he'd been saying worse about homesexuals for donkeys years on stage. You have to wonder how much of this is contrived.

Anyway, Jim Davidson came back from that homo-storm to win Celebrity Big Brother, a feat O'Reilly would never have been likely to achieve before, such is his lack of comedic skill. But given the dramatic drop in standards needed in order to procure celebrity status these days, it's now an eminently achievable goal for anyone.

Purely from a subjective standpoint, I'd like to state that I'm against sexist, degrading comments and anyone who sinks so low to make cheap jokes about the fairer sex. That's why for my next blog I'm going to be looking at why the majority of women don't have a sense of humour.


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