Friday, 10 October 2014

Why are we obsessed with peadophiles?!......

.......Or is it that people just used to say nonce instead? Maybe that's it. Really though, the word "paedo" has become ingrained in us, people call each other "paedo's" all the time, it's becoming a term of endearment. I'm not getting on my high horse because I've said it too, I'm merely posing the question, or a notion of a question, whatever!

When I was growing up, we had all the usual information video's. Oh the excitement when they wheeled out the big television and video cassette player....only to be 'entertained' with a video of some poor kid getting fried in a sub-station whilst trying to retrieve a football (I do believe it was one of those Striker 'fly away' balls, hardly worth risking your life for. However, an Adidas Tango or a Mitre Delta may have been worth the danger factor) his brother had kicked over the fence....then his little brother (let's call him 'little Tommy', just so we feel a little closer to the character before he's tragically killed) goes to rescue him and also gets electrocuted, followed by harrowing scenes of the mum being contacted by police to tell her that her sons have both croaked it, cheery!  There were also similar scenarios with frisbees, boomerangs, pogo sticks, porn mags.....little Tommy wasn't involved in that last one, in fact, I may have invented that. Why anyone would throw good porn into a substation is beyond me and frankly, unrealistic.

Then there were the ones telling us to not go off with a stranger, we had Charlie the cat to thank for that information, I can't ever remember knowing why a stranger would want to abduct a child though. I always thought he'd ask for a ransom or something, I miss being that naive.  Now I know the ugly truth, and it's spouted off so often in the media that I'd imagine that kids do too. But it's ok, they've all got an iphone to keep them safe. Thanks Apple, we owe you one.

Is the information we receive distorted and exaggerated, part of the usual fear mongering culture we seem to live in? All I do know, is that as a parent, it poses a question. I loved the freedom I had as a child, can I afford to allow my kids the same freedom, given the information I get from the media?  If I do and something happened, how could I live with myself? Is it irresponsible to let your kids play out in the street? I only ask because you just don't see kids playing in the street anymore. In my street growing up, that's all I seem to remember doing.....with my dad watching anxiously out the window making sure nobody damaged his new Cortina. That only happened once actually, with the kid next door getting a bucket of cold water over the head for not taking heed of an earlier warning. This was long before the ice bucket challenge, he didn't get sponsored either, just an ear infection apparently. The neighbours didn't talk to us for a while after that.

So where was I? Oh yeah, the peadophile crisis.  Now I used to argue that there probably aren't anymore kiddy fiddlers around than there were 30 or 40 years ago, that may be true. But I can't help feel that the more these people interact with each other using social media etc, that there might be a certain number of people having their heads turned in the wrong direction who may not have wandered down that ugly road if they weren't able to so easily share their experiences etc.....hmmm, I'm not doing very well at solving these issues, maybe I'll actually start doing some research before writing these blogs.  Right, my next blog will address this very same issue, but it will be well-informed!  I don't see why I should go back to the start, this is turning into compelling evidence of my innate laziness.  Is there such a condition?  Why don't one of you Google it and let me know in the comments section, I can't be arsed.....born this way I was, until someone proves otherwise.

It's also funny to make fun of the subject too, if you're a stand-up comedian.....but if Mr A. Nother jokes about it everyone frowns upon it, what's all that about? Is there anyone called Mr A. Nother? Imagine being called Joe Bloggs, you'd change that at the earliest opportunity wouldn't you? Did chips taste better out of newspaper wrapping? Why do toasters have settings that burn the bread?  These are the questions that nobody bothers to ask anymore because we're all too busy worrying about paedophiles.

Oh and one more more thing. Why do you often hear people say, "yeah look at him, looks like a right paedophile".  Do paedophiles all look the same?  Are they always sweaty, obese, with a comb-over like that guy in the superb 80's Hamlet cigar adverts? I've ruined that for myself now. I've lost the plot a bit here people, it's been a tough afternoon at the jobcentre, stay tuned for some more drivel, coming soon.

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