Wednesday, 1 October 2014

RIP you Slag!!!

No, I'm not being crude. This is possibly my most heartfelt blog post yet, a good friend of mine and with it, a memory, has passed away. Slag, the toy, the Dinobot, the no more. Sad face. With a heavy heart, I am loathed to announce that Slag has moved on to the land of the politically correct.

Politically incorrect Slag, hero.

I only found out during an equally shocking act of early christmas shopping, I felt dirty enough as it was. Slag has been renamed Slug. To be honest, even back in 1985, the name drew looks of consternation from my parents, aunts and uncles.....aswell as a few chuckles. People must have just thought I was saying the wrong word when I answered the question of what I had for christmas.  A 6 year old getting a Slag for christmas was unheard of and in the height of bad taste, I'd imagine. What to get the child who has it all!?!

I can only assume he was named Slag due to his ability to withstand incredibly high temperatures. I'm only qualified to make this assumption due to a video I watched in a chemistry lesson.....something to do with melted down metals? I don't know the exact facts as I was too busy giggling along with everybody else every time the narrator said the word......did they not think when they made the video for teenagers, the lesson might have been less than productive as a result?! Anyway, I'm also guessing he wasn't given the name for being on the pull 24/7, Dinosaurs mate too though so you never know. Filthy Slag.

I'm equally confused as to the new name mind, Slug......surely Slugger would have been better, suggesting he packed a punch? As it is, his secret weapon is to leave a trail of slippery slime, with his weaknesses being painfully slow and susceptible to a sprinkling of salt....although whether or not the Megatron and his Decepticons have a pantry to call upon is another matter. Maybe we'll find out in the next Michael Bay inspired installment. Something to look forward to though eh...?

Politically correct Slug, pathetic rubbish.

Enjoy your politically correct, slag free sunday my pedigree chums! Peace.

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