Thursday, 9 October 2014

It's my bloggy and I'll write if I want to...

So I just thought, I've written a few posts yet I've not introduced myself, how bloody rude.

Yet again, I was at the gym today, subjects of what to write about came popping into my head, it's always in the gym....ironic that my most predominant venue for thought inducement should occur at a meat head factory.

I got thinking about blogs and articles in general, how they come across and the picture the author portrays of themselves when writing. When I started to write, it was because I thought had all these original and edgy thoughts in my head and that it was a waste not to share any of them with people.

I've quickly learned that it's more complicated than that, it's a fine line between writing in a way that you think is the true representation of yourself, but then going overboard and coming across like a complete tosspot.  I used to write a blog on wordpress, I went out of my way to be original and controversial.  I thought it was the best way to provoke people into responding and share their own opinions, as I feel I'm at my best when I've got objective counter opinions to bounce off.  The problem was that I probably just alienated people and the only comments I received back was that I was an idiot, just an original one.  I took that as a victory at the time but in hindsight it got me nowhere. I was just desperate for feedback, any feedback.

It's easy for someone in the public eye to write and say exactly what they want, because as the reader, you can put a voice and facial expressions to the text.  They are ingrained in our minds due to the celebrity culture we live in.  As a nobody, you're shaping you're personality with your words in the minds eye of a complete stranger.

I've tried reading articles that claim to bestow secrets of writing a good blog...I'm not sure exactly what a blog is really. But when it comes down to it, the best thing you can do as a writer is stay true to yourself, your values and to forget about whether or not anyone actually reads it.  That said, if anyone has any comments on what you would like to write about, feel free to comment.....the more random, the better.

So this time around I'm hoping to engage people by being more balanced, well informed.....more of a pragmatic approach.  Maybe having kids has encouraged me to be more thoughtful and provided me with a more spiritual outlook on life, as wishy washy as that sounds....maybe I'm just getting old....maybe I am indeed a complete tosspot?! Who knows, perhaps you can tell me.


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