Monday, 29 September 2014

Nature v Nurture etcetera....a ramble.

So I was in the gym today, which is where the majority of my thinking seems to occur, must be the mind numbing boredom of it all.....but it can't be mind numbing can it? If that's where I do most of my thinking? Maybe in order to find more inspiration to write, I should spend all day in the gym, with my laptop ready to pounce upon? I bet subconsciously, the fact that the laptop was there would get into my head, heightening the pressure to prove my theory correct and therefore blocking the instinct to think freely.  I'm already thinking way too much, let's just scrap the idea, I'm digressing anyway.

The thought I had was initially brought to bare when Depeche Mode's 'Just Can't Get Enough' started playing on my phone, bringing me to think of Luis Suarez and the chants that Liverpool fans sing and how much more inventive and humorous they tend to be with, lets say, United fans' ideas of a decent chant.

I don't want to get into the football aspect, I'm a Liverpool fan and I'm not sure I could trust myself to write with complete impartiality....mainly because they're now above us in the league, the scumbags.  Anyway, this got me thinking to why it is certain fans are more creative than others.  Is a certain type of person attracted to a particular football club, or anything for that matter.....a band, an author, a film genre, whatever?  From a personal point of view, I started following my chosen football club when I was 5 or 6, because my older brother followed them.  Does that then mean that I'm only into the things I'm into because of the influence of a sibling?  Does having an older brother or sister take away the freedom of choice? Does an only child learn to follow their own instincts more often and strongly than I might, and how does that effect their personality through life?

Anyway, whatever the answers to all that, the question I'm more concerned with is, is our path laid out for us from the moment we're born?  Do we actually make our own choices and decisions?  Our mindsets are made up from thousands of incidents we go through as young people through those formative years, watching those closest to us having also been through the same process. Have my tastes and interests been hundreds of years in the making?  How I react to certain situations, how I speak to people, how I look at the world in general. Of course, we're constantly changing, but deep down, our core remains the same, no matter how far detached we may feel from it.

Some people go out of their way to try to be a true original, but when there are 7 billion people around, is it even possible to be a true original have an original thought, or conversation?  Most originality happens by accident, when you're not looking for it.

So do we choose the things we like to do, or watch, or listen to.....or do those things choose us?  You could go as far as to look at the sort of people you're attracted to, your partner.....why did you actually fall in love with them? Was it because of an idea injected into your mind when you were a child....we all have a type that we go for in general, where does it all come from? Someone who our mother would approve of....or wouldn't approve of?! I know my ideals come from listening to the songs my mother would play in the house, or the car, when I was young.  So there you go, my idealistic view of love came from the music she was influenced to listen to by somebody else. I know there are about a million questions here and roughly zero answers....but the answer is an individual one for everyone, an answer we can only find within ourselves by looking back in time through our minds eye.

If our paths are already set out, how can anybody be accountable for anything?

This all got me thinking about my children, about when to be an influence on them and when to let them make their own minds up, to let them develop a mind of their own, something that I feel gets strangled out of us as adults, whether we think we do or not.  Anyway, I've rambled enough now......answer as many questions as you can my pedigree chums!

All that, from Depeche Mode.

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