Sunday, 21 September 2014

My personal Facebook sabbatical....

Hey peeps,

I'm sure you're all familiar with blogs....and Facebook....and people coming off Facebook. So, here are my thoughts on my initial few weeks away from the evil that is Facebook.

Firstly, I must admit that I still have a dummy account on facilitate my lust for online dating via Tinder, for which you need a Facebook account in order to be part of, and I couldn't possibly be expected to quit Facebook and dating at the same time, I'd probably spontaneously, really.  The dating addiction is something I'll come to at a later date! By the way, if you're reading this and interested in dating me, I only used the word addiction to add an air of desperation to the blog....fear not, I'm more than in control of my emotions....who am I kidding?

Anyway, digressions aside, the abstinence from Facebook has been surprisingly easy.  I've read articles about how Facebook can make you feel depressed and how leaving it behind can feel liberating and I completely agree.  From a personal point of view, since being out of work, seeing everyone's lives being supposedly idyllic was making me feel envious and disillusioned with life.....this actually started whilst I was still in work but the negative feelings were just exacerbated by my current unemployment.

Since I've left, it's made me more productive in looking for work and I've also been looking at ways to improve myself, which is very unlike me, Mr. Procrastinator.  I've also felt happier and more likely to have positive thoughts, not letting negativity bog me's been a revelation. I don't miss it at all....and this is from someone who was becoming pretty obsessed with it.

If you've found yourself logging on too often lately, for reasons that are unimportant, I'd seriously recommend deactivating your account for a bit and seeing how it affects you. What are you using it for? Does it actually make your life easier?  There are so many ways to keep in touch with people these days and other ways of sharing photo' people really need it?  The amount of times I logged on only to see a picture of a horrendously tortured animal or a video of children in Syria with heads blown half off....without actually pressing the play button that good for you? I'm not saying be ignorant to world events, but it's just another way of force feeding us information with no positive effects.

Neither to I miss the constant language people would never use in actual life, the needy status updates, the guilt trips, the showing off of newly bought possessions, the food pictures (I'm guilty of a few of those), snide remarks, pointless information being shared, the wall posts that should really have been a private message, pictures of dead endless array of things really, most of which I've either sunk so low as to join in with myself or might have done in the's absolute bollocks!

Feel free to leave your thoughts on Facebook and the effect it has on you etc....

Have a good evening pleboids.....

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